2018-2019 season, as of October 2018

Storymusic Creations is continually evolving, but at the moment, here’s what’s in the works:

Late November 2018: performances and pre-concert sessions at Pommes de Reinette Daycare, La Cité des Rocheuses

Thanks to translations by Red Deer Symphony Maestro Claude LaPalme, and with the help of the Music Performance Trust Fund, the National Arts Centre’s Music Alive Program, and La Cité des Rocheuses, we are very excited to present our first performances in French! Salmon and Dipper’s Wondrous Journey becomes Le voyage merveilleux de Saumon et Dipper, and Elk’s Wintry Day becomes Jour d’hiver du wapiti.  It will be wonderful to connect with the Francophone community, especially given the French composers on this program. We hope they enjoy Debussy and Jolivet’s music as much as we do! We’re also excited that Julie Freedman Smith of Parenting Power and Luminous Voices has joined our team to narrate in French. She has an extensive background in music education and makes regular appearances on CBC Radio and Global Television; we are honoured to have her with us.

Late November and early December 2018: performances and pre-concert sessions at Immigrant Services Calgary

We’re always happy to see the gang at ISC! With the help of the the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, they hosted our first preschool performances two years ago, and have had us back several times since.

February 2, 2019 @ noon: Red Carpet Series, Knox Presbyterian Church

This will be a FREE public concert of Salmon & Dipper’s Wondrous Journey as well as Elk’s Wintry Day, followed by the option of attending a lovely luncheon (for a nominal fee). Check here for updates to their website: http://www.knoxcalgary.ca/children-youth/events-news/events/. Hope to see you there!

March 2019: preconcert sessions and performances at the Centre for Newcomers

Last year was our first appearance at CFN— we are pleased to be able to see everyone again, as well as to meet more newcomers to Canada!

March 2019: preconcert sessions and performances at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association

A first for us! We are happy to collaborate with the folks at CIWA, and very much look forward to connecting with their community.

Late May 2019: performances at several Heartland Agency locations

Glad to return to Heartland Agency’s Signal Hill location, as well as to perform for the first time at their new Mayland Heights facility and their cornerstone daycare. It will be great to meet with so many children!

June 2019: FREE public concert at the new Central Library Performance Hall

Can’t wait for this! We’ll be presenting our new production: Grounder’s Grand Adventure, with Dohnanyi’s Serenade for string trio. It’s a brand new story about a Richardson’s ground squirrel who sets out to find his place in the world. The Serenade is lively, quirky, and lush— a fantastic piece of music for violin, viola and cello. Diane Lane, Olena Kilchyk and Samantha Whelan Kotkas join me (Liza Scriggins) for another mashup of stories and music, sure to enchant listeners of all ages. As always, we’ll follow the concert with an instrument petting zoo and a chance to meet the musicians.

We are most grateful for the support of the National Arts Centre’s Music Alive Program, who not only funds many of our concerts, but also encourages us to run pre-concert sessions, so the kids can connect with the music more in-depth. Huge thanks also for the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, who has so generously awarded us grants last two seasons. They have many fine applications to sort through this season— we await word from them in January in hopes they can support our upcoming ventures as well.

More updates to follow as the year progresses!

Stories en français!

Thanks to translations by Red Deer Symphony Maestro Claude LaPalme, and narrations by Julie Freedman Smith, we will be presenting two stories in French! Salmon & Dipper’s Wondrous Journey becomes Le voyage merveilleux de Saumon et Dipper, and Elk’s Wintry Day becomes Jour d’hiver du wapiti. We look forward to meeting everyone at Pommes de Reinette Daycare and La Cité des Rocheuses in November for our first performances specifically designed for the Francophone community!

New story!

Later this year we will be presenting Grounder’s Grand Adventure, set to the Serenade for String Trio by Hungarian composer Ernő Dohnányi. It’s the story of a Richardson’s ground squirrel who sets out to find his place in the world, and includes a journey to the forest, an encounter with wind turbines, and much more! Want to know more about these critters? Check this out: Richardson’s Ground Squirrels: FAQ

Performance at Connaught School, as part of the Instrumental Society of Calgary


It was our great pleasure to perform Elk’s Wintry Day for the K-6 students at the Connaught School! How wonderful to hear student’s impressions and story ideas on the excerpt we played from Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp, and also a huge treat to see the kids perform their own choreography of the third movement from Jolivet’s Petite Suite. Students were also most helpful for set up and take down, and were very engaged after the concert during our sessions on animal footprints and storymaking, as well as instrument tryouts and crafting. Thanks to one and all for a most memorable school visit, and special thanks to the Instrumental Society of Calgary for organizing and funding this event!

Pre-concert sessions and performances at Immigrant Services Calgary, March 20 & 22, 2018

Again thanks to the National Arts Centre, we were excited to be able to visit the good people at Immigrant Services Calgary this spring. Pre-concert sessions enabled us to connect more with the kids, parents and facilitators, making our subsequent performances that much more meaningful to one and all. NAC’s Music Alive Program is sponsoring us for two more years, so we look forward to more concerts next season!

Pre-concert sessions at the Centre for Newcomers

As part of the National Arts Centre’s Music Alive Program, Storymusic Creations was able to present pre-concert sessions for the children in daycare at the Centre for Newcomers on February 28th. Gianetta and I had a blast sharing information about the music, providing musical cues to listen for in the story, and creating props together that the kids could use for the following week’s performances. David Hohol, CFN’s Manager of Communications & Marketing, did an amazing job capturing everyone in his video. Thanks to the stellar gang at CFN for hosting us, and we are grateful to the National Arts Centre for supporting our work!


Thank you, National Arts Centre!

We are pleased to announce that Storymusic Creations will be performing at the Centre for Newcomers as well as Immigrant Services Calgary in February and March 2018 as part of NAC’s Music Alive Program. Thanks to their generous support, we will also be able to provide pre-concert sessions a week before each performance, bringing a deeper learning experience to the children. We look forward to some musical adventures!

Thank you, AFA!

We are grateful for the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, who has awarded us a grant for our November 2017 performances at Immigrant Services Calgary and the John Dutton Theatre. With their help, we have been able to reach numerous children, parents, and caretakers, propelling us further along in our mission to share great music and great stories!

Performance at the John Dutton Theatre


Our first public concert, at the Central Library’s Dutton Theatre! Thanks to our audience members for coming out to hear us. It was quite a crowd, and an imaginative one at that: in our audience participation piece (Vivo from Deux Interludes by Jacques Ibert), people reported imagining sunset and sunrise, an old man in a forest, the feeling of hope, various colours, a boat on the ocean, a herd of wild horses, and the list goes on… It was great meeting the kids afterwards as they came up to try our instruments. Special thanks to Barb Yates of Helen Scott Studios for taking photos!