Thank you, National Arts Centre!

We are pleased to announce that Storymusic Creations will be performing at the Centre for Newcomers as well as Immigrant Services Calgary in February and March 2018 as part of NAC’s Music Alive Program. Thanks to their generous support, we will also be able to provide pre-concert sessions a week before each performance, bringing a deeper learning experience to the children. We look forward to some musical adventures!

Thank you, AFA!

We are grateful for the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, who has awarded us a grant for our November 2017 performances at Immigrant Services Calgary and the John Dutton Theatre. With their help, we have been able to reach numerous children, parents, and caretakers, propelling us further along in our mission to share great music and great stories!

Performance at the John Dutton Theatre


Our first public concert, at the Central Library’s Dutton Theatre! Thanks to our audience members for coming out to hear us. It was quite a crowd, and an imaginative one at that: in our audience participation piece (Vivo from Deux Interludes by Jacques Ibert), people reported imagining sunset and sunrise, an old man in a forest, the feeling of hope, various colours, a boat on the ocean, a herd of wild horses, and the list goes on… It was great meeting the kids afterwards as they came up to try our instruments. Special thanks to Barb Yates of Helen Scott Studios for taking photos!

Upcoming public performance at the Central Library’s Dutton Theatre!

19 November 2017 at 1:00 PM
Dutton Theatre
Central Library 2nd Floor
616 Macleod Trail SE

Storymusic Creations presents:

Elk’s Wintry Day
Salmon and Dipper’s Wondrous Journey

featuring Andre Jolivet’s Petite Suite
and Claude Debussy’s Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp
with accompanying stories

free admission

Join us for an afternoon of great music and great stories!

Upcoming appearances at Immigrant Services

Storymusic Creations is pleased to partner with Immigrant Services Calgary again this year, with the following performances:

  • Immigrant Services Family Literacy Program at the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness: Nov 15, 2017 at 1:30 PM
  • Parent and Tot Program at Immigrant Services Calgary (downtown location): Nov 17, 2017 at 10:30 AM

New story!

We have completed another story to expand our program: Elk’s Wintry Day. Set to Andr√© Jolivet’s Petite Suite, it chronicles the adventures of Little Elk as he follows his herd from one feeding ground to another. The work includes five short, evocative movements in about 13 minutes. We look forward to performing it alongside¬† Salmon and Dipper’s Wondrous Journey, hopefully by Fall 2017 if not sooner!

Concerts at the Genesis Centre

Many thanks to Jen Thornhill of Immigrant Services Calgary for coordinating another set of preschool performances, this time at Mosaic’s offsite location at 1000 Voices in the Genesis Centre for Community Wellness. Lots of curious youngsters, and grownups too!

Music@Noon at Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church

Many thanks to Director of Music Wayne Hubbard for hosting us as part of the church’s free noontime concert series! It was a welcoming crowd, and the lunch afterwards was a wonderful treat. Loved the community feel of this event! Nice acoustics too : )16386956_10154786115091675_548870392354423645_n